I am intrigued by organic shapes and colors

My sculptures are therefore made from plaster, enabling the shapes and colors to engage in a fascinating relationship. The process determines the identity and shape of the material. Even though I am able to control and steer the process, I prefer to be surprised by the directions that shape the materials. Hence, I add color whilst the plaster is still moist. The colors spread along the forms of the material, creating a colorful sensation along the plaster’s surface.

The objects are presented either individually or as rhythmic compositions on the ground. The latter option allows the individual sculptures to engage in a relationship, not only between them, but also with their surrounding environment.

The sculptures demand observation from different points of view. When observed from a distance they can be considered as colored fragments of a larger whole, while approaching them more closely allows you to experience their fragility and brittleness.

My desire is to share my search for a pure and sensuous beauty with the observer and to allow him/her to take a short journey away from reality.

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